Future in Action

Future in Action

Aggregates Commercial Barrow Girls and Boys

The Aggregates Commercial Management Team recently took part in a Lend a Hand Day in aid of children with severe learning disabilities, at Corbets Tey School in Upminster.

The Task was to demolish 6 old planters, which the children use to grow foods prior to cooking them in the school’s kitchen, and then construct 4 new planters closer to the school’s on site greenhouses.

Paul Reynolds, Aggs Commercial Manager, takes up the story: “In completing the task, the team headed by John Miller along with several “willing” volunteers managed to fill almost 30, yes 30, Bulk Bags of soil for removal from site, and then, fill the new planters with a further 6 Bulk Bags of new materials. The task was completed in many ways because of the excellent team spirit and determination of everyone involved. So please don’t ever accuse this team of not knowing how to use a shovel!

Many thanks to all who attended, this enjoyable and rewarding day.  Hopefully, making life easier for the children and the staff of this amazing school.”