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Future in Action

Air Ambulance Lend-A-Hand

Two weeks ago a Team led by Andrew Burne took part in a Lend-A- Hand for the Great North Air Ambulance Service or GNAAS in Skirsgill Business Park, Penrith, Cumbria.  Employees from Concrete Products and Logistics took part.

Andrew commented: “The GNAAS asked us to decorate a warehouse that they had recently taken on as a new venture to aid them in their effort to handle and sort donations in the local area. They are also looking to start using the building to develop an “Up-cycling” service and host public relations days. Without our help they said this venture may not have happened.

During the lunch break they gave us a guided tour of the nearby Air Ambulance base where we met the crew on shift, who had thankfully not been deployed that day!!

It was very interesting to hear how the Air Ambulance Service is funded and operates, and reassuring to know that the Air Ambulance is always crewed by a highly trained Paramedic and a senior Doctor as well as the pilot so that the very serious casualties they attend receive the very best care as quick as possible. This saves valuable time so they then arrive at hospital already having received life-saving treatment.  The GNAAS is solely a charitable organisation with no funding coming from the NHS, so any help is greatly appreciated.

The crew likened the helicopter to “Triggers Broom” in that whilst it is toward 25 years old, every component except the main air frame is changed when it reaches a set age.  When you then consider that the GNAAS have two helicopters always in service (one in the North West at Penrith and one in the North East), with a third helicopter in service or stand by, the cost of keeping them available is considerable. The current helicopter at Penrith is due an engine overhaul in the near future and the quoted price for a refurbished unit is over £200,000!!

IMG_0552 resized 2The day was hard work and the size of the task was daunting when we first arrived, but it was completed in full and we all left hoping that this was the closest we ever get to being in the Air Ambulance, but reassured it is there if required…….”

Well done to the Team for a great Lend-A-Hand. The photo shows Grant Mcmillan and Tony Green NOT painting themselves into a corner! There is also a link to the local newspaper that covered the event: