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Future in Action

Archaeology In Action At Datchet

Alfredo Hernandez reports that at Datchet Quarry they work together with WESSEX Archaeology as part of the planning conditions to operate on the site. Last year, the team of Archaeologists who worked at Datchet found what is one of the earliest known examples of monument-building in Britain, dated from 5,500 years ago.

A ceremonial gathering place known as a causewayed enclosure has been revealed with the discovery of a series of encircling ditches, artificial boundaries with gap entrances, at a vast site in Berkshire. Archaeologists have found extensive quantities of animal bones as well as decorated pottery sherds, and evidence that pots were deliberately smashed, perhaps as festivities came to a boisterous close. Other finds include finely worked, leaf-shaped flint arrowheads, serrated blades, stone axes and grinding stones.

About 80 Neolithic monuments have been identified in Britain, but Archaeologists are particularly excited by this one as they expect to uncover the entire circuit of the enclosure. Specialists from Wessex Archaeology made the discovery at a sand and gravel quarry near Datchet, within sight of Windsor Castle.

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