Future in Action

Future in Action

Are You BIG Garden Birdwatch Ready?

Now is the perfect time to start preparing for Jan 28th-30th!

Here are some top tips:

Plan your Big Garden Birdwatch hour 

When it comes to your Big Garden Birdwatch it’s the little details that count. With a bit of imagination you can make the experience your own.

Where in your home gives the best view of the garden? Could you move a favourite chair there so you’re super comfy? Could you invite a friend or family member round to share the experience, or would it be wonderful just to spend an hour alone with your birds?

Make your hour of watching birds even more fun with a special snack and a cuppa. Maybe for this occasion you could make a whole teapot of something a bit special, or brew up some gourmet coffee? And what would be the ultimate biscuit or cake to go with it? It’s your hour make it count!

Not a regular birdwatcher?

Get to know your garden birds. Can you tell a female Chaffinch from a House Sparrow or a Dunnock? Is that a Blue Tit or a Coal Tit? If you’d like to brush up on your birdwatching skills check out our revamped bird identifier, it’s the first step to really noticing the different ways different species behave. The more you notice, the more pleasurable the experience is.

Find out what your birds like to eat.  The different birds visiting your garden all have their own tastes and needs. Some will only eat from a hanging feeder while some prefer their food on a bird table or scattered on the ground. Maybe you already know that Blue Tits like peanuts but did you know that Robins love grated cheese and that Blackbirds will gobble up dog food? Head over to the feeding advice pages on the RSPB website www.rspb.org.uk to find out everything from which equipment to get to which kitchen scraps you can put out.

And don’t forget the water. Birds need to drink and bathe even when it’s cold. See how you can make your own bird bath.

Share the experience

Is this your first Big Garden Birdwatch or have you done it lots of times before? What are you doing to get ready? Share your preparations in the run up to the big day using #BigGardenBirdwatch on social media.