Future in Action

Future in Action

Bletchley Gets Creative With The Birds And The Bees

Anyone that has been to Bletchley will know that they are sandwiched between rail tracks and a little short of space! For this reason they were under the impression that they couldn’t do a lot on site to encourage wildlife but oh how wrong they were! James Burrell, Sales Rep, continues the story: “After bumping into an RSPB Rep down the High Street we got some useful information and that got the creative juices flowing!

First we started with the birds.  We made some nest boxes using the designs RSPB gave us, with two built and located for Tits and Sparrows and another open fronted box ideal for Robins.

We also found that sites short of space were using potted plants to encourage wildlife and insects but the ‘not so green fingered’ Bletchley Team decided to go a step further and make a rockery with Bees in mind. We wanted to select plants that would attract Bees. After following Bees around B&Q Garden Centre for a while trying to see what they liked, we realised it said it all on the plant label! We went for hardy plants with the ‘RHS Perfect for pollinators’ approval.

I would just like to personally thank the Team who have got fully onboard with this and we now have plans for another rockery and some 5* bug hotels. At first we were in a bit of a flap but now the site is buzzing. (Couldn’t help myself, sorry!)”