Future in Action

Future in Action

Bradby Boys Club Watertight At Last!

Last month Matthew Doran, Sales Readymix Rep, was approached by John Robertson, Centre Manager at Bradby Boys Club in Rugby town. John was looking for some help with a project of his that required Readymix concrete so obviously he contacted the one company whose name is synonymous throughout the town of Rugby.

The gym at the Club had fallen victim to flooding every time there was heavy rain due to a long cavity around the front of the building which needed filling.

Matt takes up the story: “Last Friday CEMEX delivered 1m3 of concrete to fill in the void which will now allow rainwater to drain down into the car park area as opposed to under the door and all over the gym floor. Not only that, Rugby IHC, Dean Chater, was seen mucking in and helping the centre staff with some free manual labour! (I was too busy supervising……).

After the delivery John had the following to say: “Having a community gym at the Bradby Club is a massive benefit to the community and all the young people that use the Centre, and it has always been one of our most popular activities, however, we have always had a problem with it flooding which has hindered any improvements that we have tried to make. Thanks to the generosity of Matt and CEMEX our gym is now water tight for the first time since I can remember. This will allow us and volunteers to start making improvements to keep this community facility going. On behalf of the young people, staff, volunteers and trustees of the Bradby Club, thank you for your support and generosity in this tough financial time. Your contribution will make a real impact and we would not be able to do what we do if it was not for the help of community organisations like CEMEX.”

Thanks also to Alphonsus Charl Laverty and Mark Robson for keeping the community spirit well and truly alive, and hopefully keeping the feet dry of Britain’s next Anthony Joshua or Max Whitlock!”