Future in Action

Future in Action

Brian’s A Big Head….

Brian Peters, Shift Manager on Team 5 at Rugby Cement Plant, will be competing in a new TV game show called Big Heads being aired this Sunday 23rd April on ITV. 

Brian describes the show as a cross between Ninja Warrior and It’s a Knockout.  Brian explains: “The show involves eight contestants each week battling out in physical challenges, donning huge celebrity heads, with a chance to win £10,000 and a new convertible car in the final.  I was dressed as Albert Einstein and was up against the likes of Donald Trump and Mo Farah. It all looks very comical to watch but it was unbelievably physically demanding due to the costume, weight of the head and large physical challenges but I enjoyed every single minute of it!

I’m not allowed to say how far I progressed but considering I was about 20 years older than my rivals I held my own!  I got through auditions of around 5,000 applicants and I think my healthy, active lifestyle helped me get chosen to take part after preliminary auditions in London.

I’m 45 years old, married with three children living in Rugby. My main passion is running and fitness/gym etc. I have completed two Ultra Marathons plus lots of Marathons and Half Marathons. I run Rugby Parkrun 5km (sponsored by CEMEX) every weekend when I’m able to. I also run the three mile trip to and from work each day between my 12 hour shifts. One of the games involved running on an enormous conveyor belt at great speed and my running training really helped me out on that one!”