Future in Action

Future in Action

Cement Management’s Epic Lend-A-Hand Day

It’s amazing what can be done in a day with a little planning and help from our friends.  cement management pic 2 resized 2The Cement Management Team spent their Lend-A-Hand day at Brooke School in Rugby which is a school for a broad spectrum of special needs children from age 2-19.  The school has a small farm and forest section which was where the Team focused their efforts.

The Team was made up of: Brian Southam, Carl Platt, Clare cement management pic 3 resized 2Pickering, Colin Mousley, Dave Hart, Grant McMillan, Jan Peters, John Lay, Lee Needham, Liz Platt, Marco Murillo, Mary Ann Macinnes Collins, Matt Wild, Paul Russell, Philip Baynes-Clarke, Steve Lankfer and Stuart Neil.

They also had help from suppliers who donated materials for the job.

cement management pic 4 resized 2The Team:

  • Laid 15m3 of wood chips on the pathways making it more accessible to those with mobility issues
  • Painted the pavilion
  • Constructed a wooden floor in the lean to
  • Installed 4 log benches and 20 log seats
  • Constructed a bug hotel and a hedgehog hibernation box
  • Installed a cooking rack for the open fire

cement management pic 5 resized 2The teachers and pupils were blown away by what the Team achieved in just one day.  Here are some of the pupils comments:

“Our wheelchairs won’t get stuck anymore.”

 “It’s more ‘naturey’ than what I remember.”

 “It’s not even wobbly!”  (child sitting on a seat).

 “How have they done all of this in one day?”

 “Can you tell them to come to Forest School so I can say thank you?”