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Future in Action

CEMEX Contribute to DIY SOS Home for Veterans

When the desperate call went out recently via social media for help on the BBC DIY SOS Big Build – Veterans Special, we knew that we had to try and help.

DIY SOS 2 resizedThe week-long build had the aim of renovating 8 terraced houses in East Manchester to house former Armed Forces members and their families who were struggling to adjust to civilian life having been injured or affected by their service.

The build was a joint venture between the BBC, Walking with the Wounded, Haig Housing and Kier, who acted as Main Contractor.

Matt Tranter, takes up the story. “In answering a tweet from the DIY SOS production team posted on the Monday morning, we quickly worked through their ‘shopping list’ of materials for the day. Part of the initial challenge was to understand exactly what they wanted from us, and to communicate to them what we could help with.

The Production Team were looking for some concrete blocks to block up some old doorways, so instantly we thought we could help with that request.

By now it was getting towards 4pm on the Monday and they needed the blocks for the Tuesday. Now, if you ask anyone in our Concrete Products Team how easy it is to get material out to a site with half a day’s notice they will tell you just how hard it is.

When it looked a bit hopeless, in stepped Sam Leigh, Area Sales Manager for Concrete Products in the North West, who got hold of one of her customers, Markovitz Civils and Building, to see if they could deliver the blocks first thing on our behalf. The Team at Markovitz were more than happy to help us out, and by mid morning the next day our blocks were on site being used.

Although our contribution was only small we were able to make a real difference to the families by giving them a fresh start in a warm, safe and dry home, where they can start to re-build their lives after serving our country. So please watch this Wednesday the 14th, 8pm on BBC1 and the second part on the following Wednesday (21st) to see what a big difference our industry’s collective efforts have made.”