Future in Action

Future in Action

CEMEX to the ‘Rescue’ Centre

The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre (TRC) approached CEMEX for a solution to essential improvements needed for their horse walkway area.  It required a hard wearing surface that was also soft enough underfoot for the horses to walk on.

TRC is a non-profit making charity based near Lancaster, who take in and care for often highly strung ex-race horses in need of rehabilitation when they are retired. (www.thetrc.co.uk)

We were happy to help as part of CEMEX in the Community and donated 30 tonnes of washed dust from Roan Edge Quarry that transformed their walking area between the stables and paddocks and they kindly invited us for a tour of the facilities and to see the new look yard.

Pictured standing on the new yard area left to right are Koeleria `Kia` (one of the horses), TRC Chief Executive Gillian Carlisle, CEMEX NW Area Sales Rep Robert Hicks, Roan Edge Quarry Manager Amy Cooper and TRC Office Manager Lauren Lindsay.