Future in Action

Future in Action

CEMEX UK Achieves 100% ISO14001!

At the end of 2015 all CEMEX UK operational sites achieved ISO14001 certification for the first time ever.This is a great internal achievement having gradually improved from a 22% coverage in 2007. The sustainability team and staff across all operational areas have worked really well in collaboration to make this milestone happen, so congratulations and well done to everyone.

Andy Spencer, Director Sustainability & Security said: “This is a fantastic achievement for CEMEX UK and everyone should be proud of their efforts to achieve this. ISO14001 is an environmental management system that helps us reduce risk and cost from environmental incidents, and is also an essential part of our tender process where customers are demanding environmental credentials as part of our value proposition.”

In December the following sites were certified for the first time, so well done to all involved:

  • Crawley concrete plant
  • Waltham Cross concrete plant
  • Leith concrete plant
  • Tinto concrete plant
  • Cumbernauld concrete plant
  • Polmadie concrete plant
  • Whisby concrete plant
  • Gartshore coating plant
  • Selby coating plant
  • Selby depot