Future in Action

Future in Action

Christmas Joy For Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Terry Clair, Works Manager for CEMEX Rail Solutions, holds Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House very close to his heart.  On December 23rd Terry spent the day at the hospital delivering presents and speaking with parents who found themselves in the same situation as he and his family were this time last Christmas. The hospital saved his new born son’s life after many complex heart operations and Ronald McDonald House helped keep his family together when they most needed to be.

Terry has continued to show his support for the two charities by raising money through different events and in August 2014 he and a few friends from his volunteer work got together and completed the Colour Run raising just under two thousand pounds. Terry has continued to raise a further two hundred and fifty pounds through family and friends attending his son’s Christening, bringing the total raised to over two thousand two hundred pounds.

Terry said: ” On December 21st 2013 my son was born with an undiagnosed heart condition which required major heart surgery.  We lost him a few times but he fought through and with the professional help and care he received he is with us today. At the time my family and I were pulled into a world of not knowing and from the whole experience I have learned a lot.  We are lucky to look back and reflect in a positive way.

I needed to try and use this positive outcome and my experiences as a parent to try and help other parents who were experiencing the same at such a festive time of the year. I am not a Nurse, Doctor or liaison professional, I don’t even work for the hospital – I am just a dad who has been through it and I understand what parents are going through. The hospital have done more for me than I can ever repay and talking to parents and the continuing requests to give talks at Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff Seminars makes me feel I am giving something very small back.”