Future in Action

Future in Action

Cluster 15 Educating St Albans

Last week a Team from Readymix Cluster 15 took the time to visit Margaret Wix School in St Albans to speak with the Year 5s (10 year olds) about bike and road safety. They also did a presentation on concrete as they are currently in the middle of a project about construction materials.

Steve Gatfield tells all: “We took along one of our 8m3 mixers from Hatfield, kindly donated by IHC, John Sutherland, with his driver, Chris Ragless.  Tom Colley, Darren Haward and myself presented during the morning to the class of 28 pupils about road and bike safety, and introduced them to the dangers on the road, especially when LGVs are involved.

We demonstrated good bike maintenance and ensured they fully understood the need for making themselves visible, and protecting themselves at all times.

Whilst we did this Chris, our driver, took the lead in providing a brief tour of his truck for the nursery children (4 year olds) who just wanted to see the BIG truck in the school grounds, along with Chris, the BIG driver (6ft 8″). We then brought out the Year 5s and Chris spoke to them about the blind spots on lorries and showed the children all the safety features on his truck that help him to see other vulnerable road users. They all had a sit in the cab and were able to see Tom make a fool of himself in the cameras!! Something they really enjoyed.

The picture shows, Tom, Darren, Chris and myself with some of Admiral Class.

I cannot tell you how rewarding this was and I know the other 3 guys feel the same. Chris, our driver, was absolutely outstanding and was happy to present the truck and its safety features when we came out of the classroom. He was a natural.  The children were fully engaged and interactive, and we left in no doubt that the morning was incredibly worthwhile.

Another reason for sharing this? Last Thursday at the Readymixers Leadership Conference we talked about Engagement and Leadership. Well I can tell you, I’ve never in 27 years found such an engaged Mixer Driver as Chris was today, to say he was buzzing, along with us, is an understatement.

If anybody is in doubt that Engagement isn’t worthwhile then I’m afraid you are mistaken. I urge those of you that have a chance to lead a Team of people to conduct one of these sessions at a local school to DO IT – make sure you use the opportunity – not only impart life skills, knowledge and safety messages to the CEMEX Plant Managers, Drivers and Sales Reps of the future, but to also engage and collaborate with our existing staff and IHC community.

I kid you not, it is priceless……..”