Future in Action

Future in Action

Cluster 15 In The Manure, Come Up Smelling Of Roses!

On Wednesday 2nd December Sally Token, Sales Rep RMX Central, herded up the lads to take part in a Lend-A- Hand day at the Bedford and District Handicapped Riders Association HQ at Willington in Bedfordshire.

The Team consisted of Barry Baseley, Steve Buckland, Darren Haward, James Taylor and Sally.  Their jobs for the day included clearing the poo from the paddocks, cleaning chairs for their Christmas party to be held the following week, moving a muck heap, clearing all the leaves from their garden and helping them assist their visitors from nearby schools to ride on the ponies.

Sally takes up the tale: “The children riding on the day had varying degrees of disability and it was just so satisfying to see how much pleasure they got from their experience. We were told just how much they look forward to the riding each week, and if they are being naughty often the mention of not being able to attend the riding session was a very good incentive to them in approving their behaviour!

One young lady fell in love with Steve and James and as they were walking by her side assisting the handler of the horse, she would lean down and put her arms around each of their necks.  They all said how smitten she was with them both!

The whole day was really awe-inspiring.  One lady, who could barely walk, rode the horse with no stirrups – this really does take some doing even for the most accomplished of riders.  All of our efforts were well rewarded on the day and everyone involved had a great day.”