Future in Action

Future in Action

Cluster 16 Lend-A-Hand To Local School

A group from Cluster 16 got their gardening tools out to clear a walkway for a local school in Coventry for their Lend-A-Hand day. 

The school has a wooded area at the back of the playing field which had become overgrown with thorns and brambles. Frustratingly, the local neighbours also used it as an ideal area to throw their household waste.

The staff at Gosford Park Primary School have always wanted to take the pupils for nature walks through the area (known as Welly-Walks!), as well as to have a designated space to read them stories in the summertime. However, this was not practical (or indeed safe) in its current state.

So Cluster 16 stepped in for the day to cut the brambles back, remove all the rubbish, level the ground for the benches and generally get it looking ship shape.

Deputy Head Mistress, Michelle Clemons, said of the day, “All the staff are really appreciative of the work CEMEX have put in. A lot of our pupils just have television or Xboxes to amuse themselves so this will give them a chance to get to grips with nature.”

So a great day was had by all, not to mention the delicious school dinner we were all treated to!

Above is the group shot L-R Martin West, Matt Doran, Deputy Head Michelle Clemons, Craig Sheldon, Simon Morris, and not pictured Damian Keogh.

Below are ‘before’ (left) and ‘after’ (right) shots of the pathway.

cluster 16 lend a hand 2 resized                                                cluster 16 lendahand resized