Future in Action

Future in Action

Commercial Cement Lend-A-Hand

Members of the Commercial Cement Team spent their Lend-A- Hand day at the Sue Ryder Care Centre in Preston. 

Cuerden Hall is a Sue Ryder specialist neurological care centre based near Preston in Lancashire.  They provide incredible care for people aged 18 and over who have life-changing conditions affecting the brain and nervous system.  They are there for people with degenerative conditions which get worse over time – such as Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s – as well as those with acquired conditions resulting from a brain or spinal injury or stroke.

The CEMEX Team helped with the coffee shop ‘make over’ with jobs such as sanding down tables and chairs, and repainting.  A big thank you to Carl Lindsay Platt, Graeme Barton, David Joyce, Richard Cowley, Barney Patel, Mick Ryan and Ian Claridge for taking part.

The Team received a Thank You card from members of the staff and patients who were very grateful for the hard work and help they received on the day.