Future in Action

Future in Action

Flood Relief For Carlisle

A cheque of £5,000 has been donated by CEMEX towards the Greystone Community Centre in Carlisle.

The community centre was a key point for local families during the recent floods with over 30 people having to sleep in the centre and hundreds of meals provided to local families who were forced out of their homes. The centre also arranged and collected donations of toys and gifts for the many families that had Christmas ruined due to the floods.

Centre Manager, Gareth, was extremely grateful for the cheque and has promised to keep us updated on what they use the money towards. The Team at Carlisle: Tony, Gareth, Sean and Mick highlighted the good work Greystone had done with the local community. Ian Southcott kindly arranged the £5,000 donation.

During the recent floods our own Coating Plant within the area was flooded and remains closed for repairs and we are hopeful of a return to production in the next few days.