Future in Action

Future in Action

Having A Blast At Kensworth…

A WW2 bomb found in Wembley came to Kensworth Quarry for a controlled explosion.

Kensworth Quarry were contacted by the Met Police and asked to receive the Wembley bomb for a controlled explosion to be carried out. Throughout the day site staff were in contact with Beds & Metropolitan Police Forces, Army Bomb Disposal and Central Beds Council Emergency Team.  Local information covering the site topography, closest properties, footpaths and roads was discussed.

The Army arrived in the morning to assess the proposed blast area before returning to Wembley to prepare the Bomb for transport.

The Central Beds Emergency Team arrived to assess the need for evacuation of local residents. The local residents were not evacuated as there was a safe perimeter of 400m and a 65m chalk wall between the Quarry and the nearest houses.

The sandbags arrived but there wasn’t enough and more bags were made on site.  A route to the blast area was graded and a notch was cut into a pile of tipped material for the Bomb incase insufficient sandbags were ready.  The local Police arrived and were advised of the public footpaths, possible access points etc, etc. These were followed by Met Police arriving in force. Volunteers with 4x4s, as part of Central Beds Emergency Team, assisted the Police with covering the footpaths. Approximately 50 Police Army Council and staff were involved.

The Bomb arrived under escort in a special truck, and after discussions with site staff, the Bomb was transferred to an Army Landrover and escorted to the blast site. Site staff assisted with the sandbags and the Bomb was set up for detonation. After set-up the Army and various members of the Police were escorted to a safe point where authorisations were received, including the CAA diverting planes at Luton airport.

At approx 17:20 the Bomb was successively detonated.  Site staff were very impressed with how everything went smoothly. Quarry Manager, Martin Lithgo, would like to thank all people involved.