Future in Action

Future in Action

Hyndford Quarry Lend-A-Hand

Staff from Hyndford Quarry took part in a Lend-A-Hand day that was carried out over 2 days at Clydesdale Community Initiatives. The charity helps people with a wide range of support needs and includes them in its various landscaping projects, etc. The Lend-A-Hand day was split over 2 days which saw 10 members of staff participate along with the people who attend the various programmes set out by the charity.

Kevin Hill, Assistant Quarry Manager, commented: “The tasks involved re-grading a section of land for a small plantation and building fruit cages for the charity’s own orchard. This was a great 2 days in which all staff were keen to get involved and we are all very glad to be involved with this community charity and also interact with the people who attend this charity for support. We have received welcome feedback from the charity which is also nice.”  They received this note of thanks:

Hi Kevin, 

A million thanks to you and your Team for their fantastic work with CCI at Langloch Farm. Not only did your Teams get through a power of work building the fruit cages but their interaction with some of our participants was brilliant and we have already been subject to serious demands that you all come back next year.