Future in Action

Future in Action

Hyndford Quarry Opens First Chain of Bug Hotels!!

During a boundary check and quality walk, Quarry Manager Christopher Muffett came up with the idea of using reclaimed materials from around the quarry to create some bug hotels. So off we went collecting items which we could use as a new habitat for local insects and bugs, we decided that to help with engagement on site we would split our team into two groups to see who could create the best ‘hotel’

After a bit of banter between the teams they got stuck in, including myself and Chris on opposing sides. The end result was two ‘Bug Hotels’ open for business….. even though my team lost after some dodgy judging. The purpose of these is that as spring approaches insects and bugs will be attracted to the area helping with breeding and attracting different species to nest safely.

We will be monitoring these after a few weeks to see what we can spot coming to the area! Hopefully we might even get some hedgehogs nesting in the grass and moss at the lower levels! Some finishing touches will be applied with grass roofs and the planting of local trees around the ‘hotels’ to attract even more wildlife during the year.

The team all had fun and helped them feel even more connected to the quarry and local area. Well done to team Hyndford.