Future in Action

Future in Action

Iron Age Haul And Burial Sites At Griffins Farm

Iron Age artefacts and three ancient graves have been found during archaeological investigations on our site at Griffins Farm.   The investigations are part of the conditions of our planning application to open the new quarry in 2018.

Over the past two months a Team of archaeologists from Cotswold Archaeology, working under the supervision of CEMEX’s Projects Team, have conducted a site investigation of an area of farm land adjacent to the A426 Dunchurch to Southam Road known as Griffins Farm.

Owen Amer, Project Engineer, explains: “During the first few days of the investigation we found Iron Age artefacts consisting of building materials, pottery and fragments of human remains. Just before Christmas we uncovered a burial site that consisted of three graves one of which contained the remains of a female adorned with a glass necklace.  Other artefacts found with the body included a knife, broach, belt buckle and a number of coloured (Red & Black) gaming discs that resembled the pieces used in the game of chequers. This find was later identified as being from the Pagen Saxon era (500AD) and considered to be of significant archaeological interest. Due to their proximity, all the graves were lifted at the end of last year and the artefacts removed for further investigation.”

Materials from the new quarry will be processed and transported by overland conveyor under the A426 to the main works in Southam Quarry.