Future in Action

Future in Action

Kevin Steps (or should we say ‘gallops’) In

We have found our ‘Kevin’ from last week’s thank you story!  Whilst heading to a delivery from Taffs Wells Quarry, Logistics Driver, Kevin Tucker, noticed that a horse (with a saddle on) appeared to be agitated and distressed in a field next to a busy carriageway.  To make matters worse there was no gate and the horse could easily find itself amongst the traffic.

Quick thinking Kevin, who is used to dealing with lots of horse power, blocked the entrance with his CEMEX truck to prevent escape. He then went to investigate further.  It transpired that a young girl had been thrown from her horse and was missing so Kevin and her Mum set out to find her.  She was discovered in nearby woods and an ambulance was called.

Fortunately, she only sustained minor injuries, and her Mum was very grateful for the actions undertaken by Kevin and extended her gratitude on the CEMEX website.

Rob Wilkinson, Southern Aggs Regional Logistics Manager, commented: “Kevin remains very modest about the whole affair but we, his colleagues, are extremely proud of his actions.”