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Future in Action

Lend-A-Hand – Schools Cycle Safety

Last week Kelly Wills, Kristina Johnson and Clare Lomax went out to a local school in Rugby to Lend-A-Hand and deliver the cycle safety EEP.  This is the project that this year’s LIDS have taken up.

Claire Lomax takes up the story: “We met with the LIDs Viktor, Liam and Adam last week after they presented to the first school to discuss how the Lend-A-Hand would work.

They took us through the presentation in preparation.

TRUCK - resizedI am sure I was not alone in feeling rather anxious on the day – presenting to 130 children seemed like rather a daunting task for 3 people who haven’t had to do anything like this before. Once we arrived at the school we were told that we would, in fact, be splitting the groups down and presenting 4 times to a class at a time. I am not sure if this made it feel any less scary. Not only did we have to present to children still we now had to do it 4 times!!!

We were joined on the day by Karl Langford, one of the tanker drivers from Rugby. What a wonderful man he was. Not only did he manage to present the truck and the health and safety message to the children in a way that they all found fascinating, but after getting his tanker in to a very small staff car park, he was then able to back in out of a narrow access road on to a busy main road with such style. I felt an overwhelming urge to applaud him!

The children and teachers seemed to really get a lot from the day and I felt it was a huge success, despite our initial nerves, by the time we’d done the first one we barely needed our scripts and were all confident in the presentation we were delivering. It was a lot of fun and I hope the school felt it was valuable to the pupils.

I’d highly recommend to anyone who is looking at joining in with a Lend-A-Hand scheme. Viktor, Liam and Adam will be pleased to hear from anyone who can help.”