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Future in Action

Merchant Navy Day, Aboard The Sand Fulmar

3rd September is recognised as Merchant Navy Day in the United Kingdom.  It represents the sacrifice of Merchant Mariners past and the on-going role that it plays in the commerce and life of this country.

On board the Sand Fulmar the Captain, Peter Dixon, and crew chose to mark the day with a photograph of the ship’s Officers posted on social media to raise awareness of the day.  On board they took a moment to reflect on the significance of the day and had steak for dinner.

The Merchant Navy played a huge role in both World Wars when thousands of sailors lost their lives.  They have also played a vital role in the Falklands War, peacekeeping efforts in Yugoslavia and recent Middle East conflicts. Because of this great service to their country, representatives from the Merchant Navy are permitted to take part in Remembrance Day parades and to lay a wreath at The Cenotaph at this occasion.

And act of Parliament in 2000 created Merchant Navy Day to recognise the sacrifices of this civilian body of men and women who nevertheless in times of war expose themselves to the same danger as the armed forces and in peace time allow this island to prosper.

London Bouys row again!

Congratulations to Rob Lockhart and his brave rowing crew who again took to the Thames to row on behalf of the Ahoy charity.