Future in Action

Future in Action

Record Breaking Performance At Rugby

Following the largest and most successful kiln shutdown in its history in January and February, Rugby cement plant has achieved record breaking performance in March.

Rugby plant broke highest monthly Climafuel substitution record with 61.37%, highest daily total alternative fuels substitution record with 81.01% on 13th March, highest daily Climafuel substitution record with 77.53% on 13th March and highest daily clinker production record with 4,420 tons per day on 26th March. Current good results continue.

While coal still has an important role to play, the Rugby plant is increasingly using more sustainable and cost-effective alternative fuels which have been shown to achieve significant reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and oxides of nitrogen.

The key alternative fuels at the Rugby plant are chipped tyres and Climafuel, a solid recovered fuel made from household waste. Harnessing their energy potential in this way helps to overcome major disposal problems, whilst also saving valuable fossil fuels and reducing emissions of oxides of nitrogen. The process is regulated by the Environment Agency which sets strict limits on emissions of both gases and dust.