Future in Action

Future in Action

RSPB #DefendNature – Thank You CEMEX

Behind the scenes the RSPB, among other nature conservation organisations, work to preserve nature across Europe. They fight for the preservation laws that protect wildlife, and are enshrined in the EU Nature Directives.

These directives outline common laws for wildlife, habitats and the special places for nature on a continental scale.  This week, after two years of hard work and dedicated campaigning to prevent the world’s strongest wildlife laws from being opened up and weakened, the RSPB heard that the EU Nature Directives are safe.

Without the directives there would be no protection for wildlife across the European continent – which have been instrumental in setting up protection for such migratory species as the Turtle Dove.  Nature does not recognise national boundaries!

Mike Clarke, Chief Executive of the RSPB, commented: “We’ve stood against an enormous political threat to the very foundations of protection for our wildlife and we’ve won. No campaign can do more. There has also been fantastic leadership from progressive business voices, such as CEMEX, and from politicians – including European Parliamentarians and national Environment Ministers… from my heart I thank you all.”