Future in Action

Future in Action

Rugby Get Ready For Red Nose Day…

Rugby office and works are busy preparing for Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March.  So far they will have the following going on:

Rugby Office v Rugby Works Football Match

Chris Harding is arranging a friendly (?) football match on Sunday 8 March 2015 at the 4G Pitch, Butlin Road in Rugby – more details to follow.

The Great CEMEX Bake Off

Calling all bakers!  Claire Lomax is arranging a Bake Off Competition with a prize for the winner; all cakes will then be put on the cake stall for sale.

Confirmed Stalls/Happenings

The ever favourite Cake Stall

  • The Book People
  • Bric-a-Brac-Everything-Is-50p stall – donations for the day please! All those unwanted Christmas pressies, unused items, books, anything which is in a decent condition to sell and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  • RND Sweepstake – £2 to guess which funny face will win and half the takings will be the prize, potentially £30 – run by Steph in Reception
  • Margaret Harding will be selling raffle tickets on her post rounds so please catch her as she passes and get your tickets
  • Izzie’s Stall
  • Ellen Boylin’s Craft Stalls

The theme for Red Nose Day this year is “make your face funny for money” and you are welcome to dress up if you wish to – so far we are expecting a Pyjama Day on one floor and some Superhero’s on another!  It is not compulsory obviously, so if you are not into dressing up please come and support our fundraising and purchase something from the stalls on the day.

If you are intending to do something to raise money please let me know so that I can ensure you get some publicity, not only from CEMEX News, CEMEXPRESS but also via RugbyFM and the local newspapers.

Above all, the purpose of the day is to have a bit of a giggle whilst we raise some money – 2 years ago we raised a massive amount of money and it would be fantastic if we could get somewhere near, or even beat that this year.

More news as it comes!