Future in Action

Future in Action

Saving Grace… A Prickly Visitor To Thorpe

This week saw Grace, the baby Hedgehog, visit Thorpe.   Dawn Fox from IT Support is a supporter of the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue charity who is an animal rescue centre in Surrey.

They are passionate about the plight of the Hedgehog and are trying to spread the word about their dwindling numbers.

In the 1950s there were 36.5 million Hedgehogs in the UK, today there are only 1 million left.   If nothing is done to save the Hedgehog they are predicted to be none by 2025 – that’s only in 9 years’ time!

The biggest threat to their survival is us…. Due to increasing use of pesticides and plants which don’t attract insects the Hedgehogs can no longer find enough food. They also find it hard to find one another due to our fenced in gardens.

The charity is launching a campaign called Saving Grace which aims to highlight the Hedgehogs dire situation and encourage us all to make our gardens more Hedgehog friendly.  The main things we can all do are leave holes under our fences for Hedgehogs to get in and out, and plant more insect friendly plants, vegetables and flowers in our gardens.

The Team from the charity is hoping to release Grace and her siblings into the grounds at Thorpe later in the year so that CEMEX is doing their bit for this cute animal.   Watch this space for more updates on the campaign and our very own Hedgehog family……If you want to find out more then contact the charity at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue