Future in Action

Future in Action

See the top team paint their faces funny for money….

With Red Nose day fast approaching, part with your cash to see your top team paint their faces funny and post the pictures on Shift for the CEMEX world to see!

Want to see Matt Wild or Lex Russell looking like clowns? Chris Leese or Jesus Gonzalez in mascara?? Well put a pound (or more!) into our JustGiving pot to raise money for Comic Relief and put a smile on people’s faces or maybe just a lot of face paint…. We need to raise at least £100 before the top team are willing to release their pictures so get donating now!!

Here is the link: https://www.justgiving.com/CemexChangeYourFace
or text: CCYF50 (and your amount) to 70070 (personal mobiles only – company mobiles are not to be used for this).

Or if you’re in Rugby – You can give cash to Celaine Cave, Claire Lomax or Lynsey Smith (All based on 2nd floor at CEMEX House)

It doesn’t just have to be the top team, you can also post your face painted funny and then nominate or sponsor another colleague to do the same:
1) Take a silly photo of yourself
2) Post it as your profile photo on Shift (remember to change it back after Friday 13th!)
3) Update your status in Shift to say “CEMEX Change your face – Text CCYF50 £1 to 70070 I nominate @….” and nominate some colleagues
4) Most importantly pay in some sponsor money. We are asking for a minimum £1.00 but you can sponsor any amount you like.