Future in Action

Future in Action

Small But Perfectly Formed Lend-A-Hand…

Last week a small team from the RMX Customer Service Centre joined a local team of volunteers at St Edith’s Church, Monks Kirby, to help clear the graveyard and restore it to a good state.  This is the fourth time they have supported the team at St Edith’s – three lend-a-hands over the last 18 months, along with some fundraising and a strong relationship has been built with this community.

Some of the team were able to see the impact their hard word work from last year had, and although there is still a lot of work to do, the team had a great day.  Everyone felt that it was very hard work but very rewarding… plus the team at the church make some great cakes which went down well with all!

Thanks to Kat Rich, Danielle Beaumont, Danny Leach, Sam White, Kyle Gibson and Kayleigh Walker for volunteering. Another lend-a-hand will be arranged at the church whilst the weather is good.

If anyone wants to join the CSC for this please just contact Lucy Birch: lucyjane.birch@cemex.com or call 07469 0286712.