Future in Action

Future in Action

State Of Nature 2016, The RSPB Publishes Its Report

The RSPB recently published an updated State of Nature report which measures changes to ecosystems from a report originally published in 2013.  It’s a collaborative report with contributions from several wildlife groups, input from universities, academics and a forward from Sir David Attenborough.

The report aims to highlight issues and report progress on different types of ecosystem across the UK. The report states loss of priority habitat as the major issue affecting many species which are under threat or facing possible extinction from the UK.

It’s encouraging that the report highlights the importance of old mineral workings in helping to restore habitats and help nature.  In particular, restoring sites which include freshwater lakes and ponds.  It also shows the importance of continuing to work with the RSPB in helping create more priority habitats on working and restored sites.

Coweslinn RSPB resized 2Sean Cassidy, Regional Environmental Manager, has highlighted some examples of good restoration/habitat management with these great photos. The top photo is of the woodland flowers at Newbridge Quarry in Pickering and the other is of Coweslinn Burn (protected SAC and SSSI in the Scottish Boarders.)  Here is the link to the report: