Future in Action

Future in Action

Students Visit Cambusmore Quarry

Cambusmore Quarry was visited last week by 53 4th and 5th year geography students from Dunblane High school.

The visit took place over two days, 28 students on the first day and 25 on the second day. This is the third year running that students from Dunblane High have visited the site, and Head of Geography, Dr Gordon Irvine, said that through these visits the student’s exam grades have increased significantly and he thanked everyone at CEMEX for allowing these visits to take place.

Whilst on site the students look for evidence and take samples of glazier deposited minerals. Dr Irvine also encourages the students to ask about the conflicts of operating a Quarry within the national park boundary and the environmental impact on the surrounding area.

During these questions we take the opportunity to point out the good work we do within CEMEX sites to improve wild life habitat and biodiversity. We also take the opportunity to point out the dangers of entering Quarries and the risks associated with swimming in any ponds or lagoons.

Thank you to the team at Cambusmore for taking the time out to do these educational visits.