Future in Action

Future in Action

Thanks From Rugby Foodbank To CEMEX

Well done Rugby and thank you, Lucy Birch, for co-ordinating this challenge!

A ‘Thank You’ certificate was sent in by Rugby Foodbank Engagement Officer, John Hemmings, together with this message: “I am writing to send our thanks from Rugby Foodbank for the generous 188kg of food donated to Foodbank during the Christmas period by the CEMEX Christmas collection.

Christmas 2018 was a very busy period at Rugby Foodbank. We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to all of you that contributed food through Reverse Advent and Christmas Collections during the festive period. 11.3 tonnes of donated food was received through December, of which 9.2 tonnes of food were distributed to those in need in Rugby. 340 adults and 294 children were fed through this contribution and 240 Christmas Hampers were distributed in Rugby.

Many thanks for this monumental achievement to all of you at CEMEX who supported.”