Future in Action

Future in Action

The Life and Times of Polish Kestrels

Our colleagues in Poland have worked with ornithologists from the association dealing with the protection of Kestrels, to get to know the habits of this species living in their cement plants even better.

As part of the project, they ringed a total of 11 chicks from Che?m and Rudniki, and one of them was additionally fitted with a GPS transmitter that enables constant location. The undertaken actions will allow them to define the size of the area where the birds feed, nest and rest, and to learn about their migration routes and wintering places.

They also took pellets from the nests, i.e., small clumps of undigested food, providing valuable information about the bird’s diet.

They are waiting for the results of the research and the report from ornithologists and will share the findings. In the meantime, they invite you to see nest cam images of the Kestrels here