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Future in Action

The saga of the lost wallet

A wallet was found in Wales by a member of the public, there was no cash or cards in the wallet (they had been taken) but there was a lot of paper and other items, photos etc, yet nothing to identify the owner, no contact number or address.

In amongst the items in the wallet was a copy of an Induction sheet with a name on it, the Induction was from CEMEX Rail Solutions here in Birmingham. The finder contacted Thorpe head office, who directed the call to CEMEX house in Rugby.

Jackie our Production Administrator picked up the call from Rugby asking if we could help, but they could only give us the name and a vehicle registration, so that could be a visitor? contractor? delivery driver? collect driver? Jackie then called Keiran Brennan, Rail Solutions H/S Training Foreman, and the search was underway.  Keiran takes up the story….

“We then started to go through 100’s of our induction records, and then after a couple of hours when checking the collect driver folder, there he was, and the company he was collecting for ARS Transport – result!

We contacted the company, and spoke to the Manager, only to be told that they didn’t know the driver! But when we gave the vehicle registration the Manager recognised the number of the vehicle which was used by a sub contracting company to ARS (Martins Transport), and he gave us the details.

So then we contacted Martins, and they confirmed the driver worked for them, and they explained the wallet was stolen from their driver during an overnight stop in Wales.

When they told the driver that the wallet had been found, he was over the moon, it contained personal mementos, family photos etc, but also some paperwork/security passes required commercial channel crossings to France. Without the passes he would not be able to continue that part of his job, and would have to apply for them again.

The wallet and Driver have now been re-united, the driver thanked everyone for their efforts including the person who found the wallet.

Going to show that honesty and going the extra mile (including good record keeping) is the best policy.”