Future in Action

Future in Action

Time to build sand hotels

There’s still a nip in the air, but Spring is definitely here and with it come the Sand Martins, the cute bird that flies thousands of miles from the Sahara to breed in the UK.

CEMEX quarries are all prepared for their arrival with sacrificial sand banks piled up, offering them the perfect home.

The creation of the sand banks is just one of the many initiatives that have been developed in partnership with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). With the support of the RSPB, CEMEX is committed to challenging biodiversity targets including the creation and maintenance of 1,000 hectares of priority habitats by 2020.

2015 was a significant year with 139 hectares of priority habitats created and managed, well ahead of the annual target of 100 hectares.

“One of the main reasons for exceeding the challenging target is the development and implementation of action plans for key sites. One such site is Moota quarry in Cockermouth Cumbria where weeds and invasive plants have been removed; bat, barn owl and kestrel boxes have been placed around the site, sensitive maintenance of woodland has been undertaken; all specific measures to protect and promote nature and wildlife at this particular site,” comments  Andy Spencer, Sustainability Director.

“Much of our land is being created or managed to enhance its biodiversity. Part of the land is often close to our operations, such as quarries and concrete plants. These operations are providing much needed building materials used in construction projects in our communities. We have to balance the needs of communities for buildings such as homes, schools, roads etc with the needs of nature now and in the future,” he concludes,