Future in Action

Future in Action

Tour de Cluster 7!

Congratulations to the team in Cluster 7 who are taking part in the marathon charity bike ride that Roger Taylor and team have organised! The Tour is to run for nine consecutive days taking in all 18 plants in Cluster 7 with over 35 riders.

Roger Taylor gave us this account: “Stuart Knaggs (IHC at Whitby) had the honour of opening the Tour with a testy ride from Whitby to Scarborough, it took him a speedy 1 hour 10 minutes to cover the distance, Stuart is a keen cyclist who likes to get out most week-ends so decided to bike back as well.

The next stage was completed by Sean Cassidy (Butch) and Craig Williamson, they had to endure the rain from Scarborough to Malton, both were still in high spirits when they had finished their stage.

Although this event is fun, we are taking the opportunity to raise much needed money for the angels at MacMillan Cancer Support, so if you can spare a few pounds please go to the Just Giving site.


I will be sharing with you photos and stories from the Tour as we make our way across Yorkshire and Humberside.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the riders for their help in making this event a success and maybe loose a few pounds along the way. Thanks also to all the people who have donated to such a worthy cause.”