Future in Action

Future in Action

Truck And Child Safety – Catch Them Early, Catch Them All!

In conjunction with the local haulier, Steve Fairley, who operates out of Temple Quarry, CEMEX held a Safety Day with all of the 100 children of Moorfoot Primary School aged 5 to 12 years. This comprised of a presentation on cycle safety, the risks and what to look out for, as well as a guided “changing places” tour around a vehicle and in cab.

All of the children were issued with takeaway packs including CEMEX activity booklets on safety, hi-vis, CEMEX water bottles and various other related safety items supplied by the haulier and Scania. The Headmaster, Steven Wood, was presented with a model CEMEX Readymix truck to remind the children of the event and key messages.

The day was a complete success (including the weather!) and extremely rewarding and fulfilling – core to our Best For Families strategy and the staff highly praised the initiative.  The feedback from the children was equally positive and engaging.

Thanks go to S Fairley Transport for providing the vehicle, Scania for the Mirror Mat, all of the staff and children of Moorfoot Primary, and in particular, Shirley Fairley for professionally pulling the event together over the past few months – a challenge in its own right!

The main picture is of Ronnie Simpson presenting to the entire school at Assembly time.   The picture above is Ronnie Simpson presenting the CEMEX Model truck to Headmaster Steven Wood. The picture to the right is of the children being shown around the vehicle by Steven Fairley.