Future in Action

Future in Action

Try This On For Size… XXXXXXXXL!

The tour of Britain recently passed by our South Ferriby Cement factory.  The local team felt it was too much of an opportunity to miss so Kevin Groombridge contacted James Fairclough to see what could be done.

James continues: “We decided to make use of a field directly next to our works and create some ‘field art’ similar to, as they do in the Tour de France. Our idea was to create a giant cycling shirt with our logo and reference to our involvement with safer cycling.

We set up pegging the shirt out on the morning of the event (a big thanks to Kevin and his local team who helped out).

As the tour passed by the TV helicopter picked up the giant jersey and it was shown on both ITV4 and Eurosport, with some favourable comments by the commentators!

I love it when a plan comes together…”