Future in Action

Future in Action

UK National Reserves Lend-A-Hand Day – Digging for Cippenham Primary School

Members of the UK Nationals Reserves Department from both Rugby and Thorpe offices spent a very rewarding day on Tuesday 13th October, clearing /digging up and weeding the allotment area for Cippenham Primary School in Slough, Berkshire.

The end result was most pleasing having seen the initial state of the allotment when they arrived in the morning.  One of the pupils mentioned “Wow! This used to be full of bushes!” (See the before and after shots!).

Cippenham School Lend-a-Hand 2 resizedThe school is now looking forward to being able to put the allotment back into good use for all the pupils to allow them to gain great practical experience from gardening and learning about growing their own food.

Pardip Singh Shoker, Principal Estates and Ratings Manager, Cippenham School Lend-a-Hand 3 resizedcommented: “A big thank you to Stephen Redwood, Andy Scott, Alex Finn, Alison Wise, Kirsten Hannaford-Hill and Torang Paiman for all your hard work and for working together as a great Team: a really enjoyable project and very worthwhile! The school were overwhelmed with what we achieved during the day.   I did hear a rumour that the Radox supplies were depleted from the Co-Op across the road!”…..