Future in Action

Future in Action

When Snow And Ice Is Lying….

The wee birds are hungry and dying – feed them please! These are the words taken from Drew Crombie, Aggs Area Operations Manager for Scotland – our answer to Robbie Burns.

Drew continues: “In Scotland last week the weather has been constant snow showers and low temperatures, the landscape is white all over.  I have noticed this week a very large increase in the amount and variety of birds visiting my garden feeders, including different Woodpeckers, Nut Hatches, all the Tits and Finches and last but not least a Cock Pheasant who will actually feed from my hand.

It is no coincidence that the poor weather has made this happen; the birds cannot find food and without all the people who feed them many do perish.  The Quarries are excellent in Scotland with most have feeders and supply seeds and nuts.  Those who haven’t, I urge them to do so.  The sites will be poorer places in spring time without them; it’s also fun to keep a record of all the types of birds that visit the feeders and a bit hypnotic to watch.

Quarries are excellent places for wildlife; let’s help the wee birds through the winter.”