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Future in Action

Wildlife watch at Longdell Quarry

Dave Rowley, Assistant Quarry Manager at Longdell Quarry, Costessey, has been keeping a wildlife log recently and has sent in these two pictures of a discarded snake skin and a deer quenching its thirst!
Dave commented, “We know there are snakes around on site as we came across a rather large one outside our canteen door a few weeks back.

We found this on our site while clearing up some scrap metal. Knowing they are about means we lift stuff carefully and give them chance to escape.

Deer - resized

This one had obviously made good use of a discarded section of Armco barrier and used it as cover while she was sloughing her skin! The rule is a meter long so it was a good one. By the markings still on the scales it appears it was a large grass snake.

The other picture is quite a common sight. Deer sneaking a drink after the water bowser has been round. They won’t move either until they’re ready.

Should be sunrise and sunset season soon too so hopefully get some good shots again this year.”

Thanks Dave, we look forward to more pictures soon!