Health & Safety

Health & Safety

007’s ‘Q’ would be jealous

CEMEX UK are working with Exeros to trial new ultra-sonic and heat sensors which could be the next generation of road safety sensors for our trucks.

After tendering our vehicle safety kit supplier we have now appointed Exeros as the supplier of our cameras and side scan system.  The main reason for the move of supplier was to continue to seek out new and better technologies to aid drivers in vulnerable road users (VRU) detection.

The ultra sonic sensors used in most HGV’s in London and throughout the UK is basically a redeveloped reversing sensor which uses  a coned sonar beam to detect any object the is in range.  Now that could be a cyclist, but it could also be a lamp post, a common issue that the drivers have to come to terms with, there will be false alarms.

By the end of March and in with conjunction with Exeros Technologies we plan to launch the first of 2 evolutional technology steps in our bid to alert our drivers to the presence of VRU around their vehicles.  Skeye view is a 360 degree view of the vehicle and its surroundings using the latest HD images. The old problems of image stitching distortion are virtually eradicated giving clear images of what is around the vehicle.

This system is being fitted to one of the London Mixers to evaluate how the system works and if it will offer more to the drivers than what we currently fit.

Charlie Stanford National Fleet Liaison Manager, commented, “The second release planed by Exeros Technologies is planned for early June and is something that I am extremely excited about. There are 2 types of systems passive and alert. The first system is only a passive system meaning it relies on the driver to see if there is anything around his vehicle. Intelligent detection is different. It is an alerting system which is using an advanced algorithm combined with military grade heat detraction and targeting system. The end result is a system that actively looks for heat signatures of people and ignores inanimate objects.

CEMEX UK will be the first company to trail such a system on its vehicles and we can’t wait to get the system out and start to assess if this is really the next step in looking out for vulnerable road users.”