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Health & Safety

A Chilling Personal Story About Sleep Apnoea

Thank you to Tom Giddings, Geological Services Manager, for sharing a horrific personal story and video of a road traffic accident which changed the lives of his family last year.

His parents’ car was in a line of stationary traffic which was hit from behind by a fully loaded HGV when the driver was asleep at the wheel. The HGV driver had engaged cruise control, but due to a sleep apneoa complaint fell asleep and caused life-threatening injuries to five people in a number of cars.

The driver knew of his sleep apneoa problem and had seen the doctor about it; however, he continued to drive his truck and Tom’s parents spent six months in a spinal rehabilitation hospital after multiple injuries and broken bones. They are lucky to be alive but they will never be the same again.

Tom shared his personal story to remind us all of the need to ensure we are fit and healthy and to help prevent another horrific accident like this.  We all have a responsibility to ensure we keep everyone safe and to look out for one another’s personal health and wellbeing.

Link to YouTube showing the dashboard camera footage of the accident:

Link to information about sleep apneoa: