Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A Difficult Step In At Ellesmere Port

This week at our Ellesmere Port Asphalt Plant Dave Sands (Plant Manager) and the Team stepped in and spoke with a customer regarding lack of PPE.  Dave and the Team spoke with the customer at length to explain why we need to comply with the PPE request. They used the skills developed at the recent ‘Step In’ road show to conduct the conversation in a calm and non-confrontational way.

Unfortunately, the customer took no notice of the discussion and on the next visit ignored our PPE rules again. The customer was requested to leave site without being supplied material. He has been politely advised that he will not be served in future unless he can convince us of a change in attitude and behaviour towards our requirements.

John MacSween Smith, Asphalt Ops Northern, commented: “Not all step-in instances end up with the text book ending, but this should not deter us or our Teams from making the tough decisions and looking after everybody on our sites.

Well done Dave and the Team at Ellesmere Port.”