Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A Disappointing Week – Report Near Misses And Potential Hazards…

Unfortunately, last week someone was hurt whilst working for us.  An employee tanker driver stepped on a broken kerb at one of our sites, lost his balance and fell forwards onto his knee; he was advised by medical staff at the local hospital to rest and elevate his leg for a couple of days.

We have seen an increasing trend in slip, trip and fall incidents over the last twelve months. In order to avoid further injuries, sites are encouraged to review pedestrian routes to ensure they are in good order also ensuring regular checks are included in their inspection schemes.  In addition, we all have a role to play in avoiding this type of incident by ensuring we not only Get a Grip on steps and stairways, but also by taking care to follow designated walkways and look where we are placing our feet, particularly when stepping down from vehicles and mobile plant.

Jesus commented: “A very disappointing week. We must continue insisting on the basics to stop injuring our employees and contractors.

I was reviewing the LTI with the Logistics Cement team at Rugby Plant last Friday. The team was devastated after 7 years LTI free. How many people (including myself) have walked into the Logistics office at Rugby, have seen the broken kerb and not reported it?

It is extremely important that we report ALL hazards and near misses through our NMHA system.  We may be avoiding a serious injury or even a fatality.”