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Health & Safety

‘A Grand Day Out….’ In Cab Pilot VFL Day

A pilot ‘In Cab VFL Day’ was held in Dove Holes last week – inviting people from around the business to spend time going out with a CEMEX truck driver – loading and delivering aggregates and asphalt and experience on road driving in a heavy goods vehicle.

The feedback was extremely positive about the skill that our drivers show whilst driving to ensure the road space is shared safely, and also their professionalism and customer service focus when they interact with customers on delivery sites.

Watch this space as we look to replicate more events this later in the year at other locations and people are always welcome to contact their local Logistics Manager to organise individual local visits and carry out an In Cab VFL with one of our drivers.

Matthew Wild commented:  “I would encourage everyone to participate in these In Cab VFLs. It gives you a great insight into the challenges our HGV drivers face every day both on the road and on site. I guarantee you will behave differently around lorries when you drive after being in the cab of one all day. It’s also great for engaging with a relatively remote part of our workforce.

A big thanks to the participants who invested time over the 2 days – 22 staff and drivers took part and everyone benefitted and enjoyed the experience.”

Matt Wild                                Drivers:           Eddie Broster

Neil Farmer                                                     Kevin Long

Garry Gregory                                                 Steve Booth

Rob Doody                                                      Gary Donnelly

Dave Hart                                                       James Maynard

Peter Hoare                                                    Adam Massey

Billy Johnson                                                   Gary Donnelly

Hayden Gill                                                     Paul Hammond

Patrick Nicklin                                                 Tom Farmer

Les Grabarz                                                    Sarah Lomas

Carl Milton                                                       Liam Tomlinson