Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A Safety Message From Michel

I am sure you will all agree that it is extremely frustrating to report on an employee LTI and a contractor TRI resulting from practices that we should not see any more in our operations after years and years of trainings and policies implementation regarding our safety essentials, and more specifically the requirement to establish permits of works for any not recurring maintenance task, and to STOP, THINK & CHECK when facing any unsafe situations.

It would be fully unfair to make a general comment regarding the lack of disciplined and consistent enforcement of our basic safety standards as the vast majority of employees and managers do respect them consistently. However, we need to work harder on ensuring full consistency of management’s and employees’ commitments towards safety standards enforcement.

I do believe that every one of us, starting with me, should ask ourselves the following questions:

*   Am I becoming complacent applying our Health & Safety standards?

*   Am I “closing my eyes” occasionally when observing a deviation rather than acting on it?

*   Am I always leading by example?

*   Am I ensuring consistency of behaviours and management’s practices on ALL sites placed under my responsibility?

I do encourage you to individually go through these questions and adopt immediately any relevant corrective actions.

We will have the opportunity to talk more about this during our upcoming Team Talks next week.

Best regards