Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A Very Difficult Week

Last week was a very difficult week; a truckmixer driver, working for one of our Independent Haulage Contractors, was involved in a fatal road traffic collision last Wednesday in which a 75 year old male pedestrian sadly died.  The exact circumstances of the incident have not been confirmed and we are supporting the Police with their investigation.  Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased, and also the truckmixer driver at this tragic time.

In addition, another truckmixer driver suffered a serious injury on a customer’s site.  It seems that whilst walking on the site, as he went to turn around, the driver suffered a spiral fracture to his left femur (thigh bone).  It is unclear whether the movement of his foot may have been restricted by some formwork or if there is another reason for the injury.  We hope to learn more once we have had an opportunity to talk with the driver on his release from hospital.

We are carrying out investigations into both these incidents and will share any learning points once the full facts have been confirmed.

Jesus Gonzalez commented: “A very difficult week indeed with two serious incidents, one of them with fatal consequences. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased. Let’s all use these accidents as a reminder that Safety has no memory and that we must continue working very hard to keep our employees and contractors safe. I’m particularly concerned about our contractors safety performance this year with 3 LTIs year to date compared to ZERO last year. Please remind your Teams about how important is to look after our contractors and keep them as part of the Team with regards to Health and Safety.”