Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A Year Of Haulier Health & Safety Awards…..

In 2016 CEMEX Logistics launched its first ever Haulier Health & Safety Awards to reward and recognise the achievements and best practice of our contract hauliers.

The awards are a quarterly competition where hauliers must make a submission explaining what they have done and why they are deserving of the award, additionally they must also nominate one of their drivers who they believe are deserving of the quarterly ‘Red Letter Day’ prize.

We had 4 winners in 2016 as follows:

Quarter 1 – TJ Transport (pic bottom left) 

TJ Transport won the Award in recognition for their cycle safety campaign. The campaign involved training all drivers in the awareness of vulnerable road users as well as hosting several ‘Exchanging Places’ events where members of the public can sit inside one of their vehicles in order to highlight the blind spots around the lorry.

Quarter 2 – Hazelcroft Garage (pic bottom right)

Hazelcroft Garage won the Quarter 2 Award after revamping the format of their driver Health & Safety Meetings due to poor participation and engagement.  Realising there was an issue Hazelcroft developed driver Health & Safety forums in smaller groups so that more discussion was facilitated amongst the drivers as well as using the forums to submit Near Miss Hazard Alert cards.

Quarter 3 – A&R Burnett (pic top right)

The Quarter 3 prize went to A&R Burnett for the work they have done in developing and publishing their Driver Newsletter. Recognising that communication was key to driver engagement, the Newsletter was launched in 2016 with updates including: safety alerts, local road closures, investment in safety and driver training.

Quarter 4 – HD Ricketts (pic top left)

HD Ricketts were awarded the Quarter 4 Award in recognition of their community ‘Ride and Drive’ event. The event was attended by over 200 members of the local community and gave them the opportunity to have a driver around their Weeford Quarry in one of their HGVs. The day focused on highlighting the dangers to pedestrians and cyclists of being around HGVs as well as highlighting the various safety features that operators install in vehicles to safeguard other road users.

The Health & Safety Awards will be returning in 2017 as we continue to focus on engaging our contract hauliers, recognising good safety performance and driving forward road safety.